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Hotel Arnika

HOTEL ARNIKA – Janske Lazne – accommodation in Krkonose Hotel located not far from the center Arnika Janske layne in a quiet area, close to the thermal pool. Mountain spa town Janske Lazne is known for its unique location with thermal springs, which thrive in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The first mention of hot […]

Adrspasske rocks

Adrspasske rocks Very interesting rock formations Adrspassko-Teplice rocks are visited and attractive destination for tourist trips in northeastern Bohemia in the border with Poland Adrspasske rock city, including the Teplice rocks are composed of thick-bedded sandstone, which are sculpted into peculiar attachments departments frost, water, wind, and is accessible labeled circuit labyrinth of paths covered […]

Spring Labe

Krkonose and surroundings – Source Labe Our mightiest river Labe rises at an altitude (1386 m) in peat Labe meadows. In spring 1684 the Labe was ordained by Bishop John of Hradec Kralove Talemberka thus questionable Labe meadow was definitely the Czech territory. Source Labe is symbolically rings with bricks, benches and a stone wall […]