Testing center ski Fischer in Janske Lazne
in SkiResort Cerna hora

The Fischer Ski Center is located at the lower station of cable car in Černá hora, directly above the car park at Viktorka Chalet.

The world-renowned brand of Fischer skis has always determined the production and trends in ski development. As one of the few reputable brands, it is still owned by the family of the founder Josef Fischer.

Skis that have developed such downhill skiing legends as Mike Von Grünigen, Kristian Ghedina, or Hans Knaus are signed, for example, under the Fischer RC4 THE CURV. Fischer also holds one of the dominant positions in the world in the development and sale of cross-country skis.

“Test first and then buy from us …”

TestCenter of downhill skis FISCHER is primarily intended for those interested in buying new skis for which we provide interesting discounts from e-shop prices.


Do you have racing blood?
So than the Fischer RACE model range is just for you.

The professional equipment of the World Cup racers with high performance state-of-the-modern technology brings skiers with racing ambitions a perfect edge grip and an excellent smooth downhill run with Fischer RACE skis.

The ferocity of heart and passion is the connection between the skier and these performance models of the Fischer RACE series of downhill skis.


Model range of skis Fischer PISTE
are designed for performance skiers, who like dynamic riding in shorter and medium lengths, but also want equipment that can tolerate technical errors.


Conditions of TestCentre Ski FISCHER in Janské Lázně

*) the condition of the rent is the deposit of a refundable deposit of 3 000, – CZK / 1x pair of skis (+ 2 documents)

*) price list of TestCentrum ski Fischer (skis only)

1.day –     650 CZK
2.day – 1.250 CZK
3.day – 1.850 CZK
every other day 550 CZK/day

After testing the skis and making a binding order (deposit of 50% of the total price) we will deduct the rental price up to 500 CZK (150 CZK is a normal ski service after your testing) plus BONUS, one complete service for your FISCHER skis for FREE (edge tuning / side and bottom, belt grinding and structure on stone, ski waxing)

*) delivery:

we send you ski after paying 50% of advance payment from the total order within 3 days to the address, or you can pick them up from us 3nd until 4th day in person. Additional payment by cash on delivery service, or in advance by bank transfer

*) transport:

we send the goods by a shipping company or you can pick them up in person


reservation of skis for testing can be done here


*) TESTING CENTER SKI FISCHER can be found on the left side at the lower cableway station to Montenegro, directly above the central parking lot, at “Chata Viktorka” no.119 – click HERE


We have the latest models of this brand for season 2019/2020
at the Fischer skis Test Center

This is a higher sports line RACE and PISTE from the collection of downhill skis Fischer


  • nr.1 – 175 cm/ Fischer RC4 The Curv  GT/ plate Racetrack / binding RSW 13 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 23 790 CZK, NOW 13 330,- CZK (Discount 10 460 CZK)

  • nr.2 – 164 cm/ Fischer RC4 The Curv TI / plate Allride / binding RC4 Z11 GW PR 2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 15 490 CZK, Now 8 450,- CZK (Discount 7 040 CZK)

  • nr.3 – 171 cm/ Fischer RC4 The Curv TI / plate Allride / binding RC4 Z11 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 15 490 CZKNow 8 450,- CZK (Discount 7 040 CZK)

  • nr.4 – 165 cm/ Fischer RC4 WORLDCUP SC / plate Racetrack / binding RC4 Z12 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price  18 490 CZK/ Not in stock

  • nr.5 – 155 cm/ Fischer RC4 Speed / plate Allride / binding RC4 Z11 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 13 990 CZKNow 7 990,- CZK (Discount 6 000 CZK)

  • nr.6 – 165 cm/ Fischer RC4 Speed / plate Allride / binding RC4 Z11 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 13 990 CZK/ Not in stock

  • nr.7 – 175 cm/ Fischer RC One 86 GT / plate Multiflex / binding RSW 12 GW PR  2020/2021
    Recommended retail price 16 990 CZK,  Discout 10% (-1 759) 15 831,- CZK

  • nr.8 – 163 cm/ Fischer RC One 72 / plate Multiflex / binding RSX 12 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 16 990 CZK/ Not in stock

  • nr.9 – 173 cm/ Fischer RC One 82 GT / plate Twin PR / binding RSW 11 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 14 490 CZK/ Not in stock

  • nr.10 – 167 cm/ Fischer RC One 73 / plate Allride / binding RS 11 GW PR  2019/2020
    Recommended retail price 14 490 CZK/ Not in stock

In recent years, Fischer has invested a lot of energy and money in the development of new materials and ski construction where stands at the forefront of all manufacturers.

Some materials and constructions used in the Fischer RACE and Fischer PISTE model series:


  • Fischer Hole Ski / reduced moment of inertia due to less weight at the tip and on the ski boot. Perfect sharp and smooth ride with high arc guidance control
  • Fischer Concave Sidewall / new standard for improved edge treatment
  • Fischer Diagotex / Innovative Diagonal Carbon Grid for best torsional stability, maximum strength and certain arc stability
  • Fischer Racetrack / optimizes ski deflection, ensures the best possible contact with the track, direct power transmission and precise fit of the shoe over the ski
  • Fischer World Cup Tuning / on the most modern grinding line in the world, the edges and running surface receive precise finishing on the level of World Cup riders
  • Fischer Air Carbon TI 0.8mm / wood core with double titanal plate reinforced with Air Carbon Perfect grip and edge grip and extremely smooth ride as a final result
  • Fischer Bafatex / newly used lightweight nonwoven with excellent strength to weight ratio and excellent durability, gives ski torsional stiffness and reduces unwanted vibrations
  • Fischer Sandwich Sidewall Construction / wood core combined with ABS sidewalls in classic sandwich construction for perfect reaction and ski flexibility
  • Fischer Turn Zone / technology developed to reduce weight in specific parts of the ski tip using special materials for this purpose. This makes it much easier to start and guide the arc, minimizing vibration
  • Fischer All Mountain Rocker / shorter contact length of the ski makes it easier to start the arc and than saves the skier’s strength. 3 types of Rocker – All Rocker Rocker, Freeski Rocker, Tour Rocker
  • Fischer Triple Radius / new radius of the new mold allows better control and accuracy of the transmission of power lines at the same curves
  • Fischer Free Milled Titanium / Full-length titanal on top of ski
  • Fischer Shaped Ti / suitably used adaptation of the thickness and form of this extra strong aluminum to the target group of high-performance skiers is the basis for skis with high optimum rigidity, stability and control
  • Fischer Multiflex / optimized flex for the best contact with the snow mat, direct power transfer and precise ski control

Have a nice day with the FISCHER TOP brand in the world; o)


We know how to do it

VIP ski school for for advanced skiers, but also for their skilful children, who are no longer satisfied with the usual form of ski school lessons and technically it is not always the way they want, we offer a helping hand in the form of an advanced VIP ski school led by our TOP ski school instructors.

  • we will prepare the program according to your requirements
  • individual lessons
  • advanced skiing
  • carving
  • bulge
  • racing skiing

Ski service

Every good quality ski, even a Fischer, needs quality and proper care during its use. Thanks to the expert and careful service of the skis, it maintains ideal slip properties, keeps edge sharpness and gives your skier the most amazing edge driving experience in the morning corduroy for several consecutive days, (you know from your own experience how sprayed technical snow on the ski slopes is aggressive in our conditions, skis blunt and dries the base.)

Ski service, we perform on service machines, with professional final manual work, (with us the ski undergoes service on digitally controlled ski grinder) we work with each ski individually according to their quality, age, necessary repairs and according to customer’s request).

You don’t put your skis in a fully serviced machine, but you entrust them to professional hands with years of experience from own era of downhill skiing and personal ski preparation before each race.

Ski Rental

In the ski rental we have equipment for your winter fun for families and individuals (sledge rental, cross-country ski rental, snowboard rental, children’s ski rental)



For more info about the offer call/write ; o))

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e-mail: office@skicentrumsafar.cz
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