Adrspasske rocks

Adrspasske rocks

Very interesting rock formations Adrspassko-Teplice rocks are visited and attractive destination for tourist trips in northeastern Bohemia in the border with Poland

Adrspasske rock city, including the Teplice rocks are composed of thick-bedded sandstone, which are sculpted into peculiar attachments departments frost, water, wind, and is accessible labeled circuit labyrinth of paths covered with sand, some rock formations such as the tower-like human figures, animals, or buildings, pillars , chimneys and masts

The entire area is in CHKO Broumovsko and is declared a national nature reserve.

Adrspasske rocks climbing are also published for a diverse range of routes and difficulty.

”Nice day trip for the whole family, which is definitely worth visiting this special place“

Distance in kilometers:

Svoboda nad Upou – Adrspach 33 km, approx 40min. car

Janske lazne – Adrspach 35 km, approx 40min. car

If you have any questions or requests for guides, please contact us.

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