Dam Les kralovstvi

Les Kralovstvi Reservoir – Bila Tremesna

Impressive and architecturally beautiful dam in Czech is located 2km from the village of Bila Tremesna Dvur Kralove on the Labe River, resulting in the Krkonose at an altitude (1386 m) in peat Labe meadows.

The reason was simple dam status, what we know today, in recent years has been in the history – floods.

The main reason for the status of this dam was then a hundred water that swept through this territory in 1897 and took everything from me Vrchlabi over to Dvur Kralove and Pardubice.

Each side of the dam gate consisting of two towers, the length of the dam is 218 meters and a height of 41 meters. On the left side away from the entrance, there is an house and interesting towers topped with battlements. Below the dam was finished in 1923 hydroelectric power plant.

Dam Les Kralovstvi / Tesnov Dam is a national technical monument.

The dam is a parking lot, thence running along the shore marked an interesting ride upstream, after which they can go on foot or by bike.

This ”fairy tale“-looking structure with a marked trail along the lake, is definitely worth a visit.

Distance in kilometers:

Svoboba nad Upou – Les Kralovstvi Reservoir 30 kilometers, about 29min. car

Janske Lazne – Les Kralovstvi Reservoir 32 kilometers, about 32min. car

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