Spring Labe

Krkonose and surroundings – Source Labe

Our mightiest river Labe rises at an altitude (1386 m) in peat Labe meadows.

In spring 1684 the Labe was ordained by Bishop John of Hradec Kralove Talemberka thus questionable Labe meadow was definitely the Czech territory.

Source Labe is symbolically rings with bricks, benches and a stone wall with the logo featuring 26 major cities through which the river flows to the sea. The flow of the river is 1.122 km

Near Labska meadow falls from a height of about Labe 40 meter high waterfall into the Labe river and go down the deep valley to the dam in Spindleruv Mlyn.

Source Labe is located in 1.zone protect National Park (National Park) car to get away on the Horni Misecky where you park at a closed parking lot, then you can continue walking (7.5 km) or shuttle – bus to the Zlate navrsi.

Distance in kilometers:

Svoboda nad Upou – Horni Misecky / catcher park 45 km, approx 46min. car

Janske Lazne – Horni Misecky / catcher park 43 km, approx 42min. car


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