Tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding – Introductory tandem paragliding, acrobatic tandem paragliding


“Get to know the beauties of Krkonose from the bird’s-eye view”

Under the guidance of experienced professional paragliding pilots, you will fly up from the ground and reach the bird’s heights, where peace and calm reign …

All above-mentioned offers can be realized from spring to autumn…

“Flying is not limited by age and handicapped persons can fly, too”

Everything is only realized in case of favourable weather conditions.

… During the flight, you can communicate with the pilot, take pictures, film …,
“as you have to demonstrate your own, tremendous experience to everybody on the ground”…

The price (including VAT)

  • transport to start
  • own flight
  • equipment rental, helmet, basic briefing

Introductory Tandem paragliding

Under the guidence of experienced professional paragliding pilots!!!

Everyone who wants to try start of paragliding and discover loose from the ground can experience it with professional paragliding pilots.
You will start running and after a few metres, you will sit in the seat and enjoy the flight with a beautiful view.


  • briefing and transport / 30 min.
  • single flight / 10 – 15 min.
  • landing, packing, flight analysis / 15 min.
  • total / 1 hr.

Price: 3 514,- CZK / person

Tandem paragliding – panoramic sightseeing flight

Extended tandem flight, the pilot will capture an ascending air stream and fly up high; then you will enjoy an unforgettable view of Krkonoše.


  • briefing and transport / 45 min.
  • single flight / 20 – 35 min.
  • landing, packing, flight analysis / 15 min.
  • total / 1,5 hr.

Price: 4 015,- CZK / person

“Acrobatic tandem flight”

Flight with an acrobatic pilot – only for the courageous ones. Spirals, shutting the wing and other “acrobatic masterpieces” … This is without restraints, indeed …


  • briefing and transport / 60 min.
  • single flight / 15 min.
  • landing, packing, flight analysis / 15 min.
  • total / 1,5 hr.

Price: 4 015,- CZK / person


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