Krkonose and trip

Away with dog sled

Mushing – dog-team rides / Dogsled ride

…Come to have first-hand experience of the „Wild North“ charm with the beauty of dog-teams from the era of the „Gold Rush“…

“Dog-team ride – Be an Alaska musher for a day“

After the arrival of the dog-team, you will meet the dogs, we will introduce you to riding with the team and perform short training. After the training, you will go for a ride with the dogsled to the winter landscape of Krkonose.
The exceptionality consists in the possibility to manage a dog-team under the supervision of an experienced musher which is controlling everything from behind.

This kind of ride can try persons older than 15 years. For younger or handicapped persons, there is a bag on the sledge, in which they can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.


Programme dog team rides/ 3 hours
5 418,- CZK / 1 person
8 213,- CZK / 2 persons

Programme dog team rides/ 15 min.
990,- CZK / person / for 6 – 9 persons
850,- CZK / person / for 10 – 20 persons


Mushing – dog – team rides / Be an Alaska musher for a day

Suitable for clients who love dogs, nature and romantic landscape…
It concerns an initiation into the whole circle of upbringing, education and training of dogs. You will try not only the ride itself but also preparing dogs efore the ride, camping in nature, including making lunch on open fire, final unharnessing of dogs and clearing. The programme is ended with handing over a certificate and photographs from the event. „In short, taste life of a musher personally“


Programme dog team rides/ 9.00 – 16.00
11 010,-   CZK / 1 person
17 529,- CZK / 2 persons

( An alternative to the snow sled in conditions without snow is riding a terrain cart pulled by a dog-team. In bad weather is impossible to make this experience. All services are suitable for groups or individuals. )


Tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding – Introductory tandem paragliding, acrobatic tandem paragliding


“Get to know the beauties of Krkonose from the bird’s-eye view”

Under the guidance of experienced professional paragliding pilots, you will fly up from the ground and reach the bird’s heights, where peace and calm reign …

All above-mentioned offers can be realized from spring to autumn…

“Flying is not limited by age and handicapped persons can fly, too”

Everything is only realized in case of favourable weather conditions.

… During the flight, you can communicate with the pilot, take pictures, film …,
“as you have to demonstrate your own, tremendous experience to everybody on the ground”…

The price (including VAT)

  • transport to start
  • own flight
  • equipment rental, helmet, basic briefing

Introductory Tandem paragliding

Under the guidence of experienced professional paragliding pilots!!!

Everyone who wants to try start of paragliding and discover loose from the ground can experience it with professional paragliding pilots.
You will start running and after a few metres, you will sit in the seat and enjoy the flight with a beautiful view.


  • briefing and transport / 30 min.
  • single flight / 10 – 15 min.
  • landing, packing, flight analysis / 15 min.
  • total / 1 hr.

Price: 3 514,- CZK / person

Tandem paragliding – panoramic sightseeing flight

Extended tandem flight, the pilot will capture an ascending air stream and fly up high; then you will enjoy an unforgettable view of Krkonoše.


  • briefing and transport / 45 min.
  • single flight / 20 – 35 min.
  • landing, packing, flight analysis / 15 min.
  • total / 1,5 hr.

Price: 4 015,- CZK / person

“Acrobatic tandem flight”

Flight with an acrobatic pilot – only for the courageous ones. Spirals, shutting the wing and other “acrobatic masterpieces” … This is without restraints, indeed …


  • briefing and transport / 60 min.
  • single flight / 15 min.
  • landing, packing, flight analysis / 15 min.
  • total / 1,5 hr.

Price: 4 015,- CZK / person


Ride on sleigh

Ride on sleigh – Full day trip with guide to Pec pod Snezkou


Ride by the cabin lift from Janske Lazne on the top of the Cerna Hora. From here on the sledges down to Pec pod Snezkou and back by Skibus.

After arrival by cabin lift ascent on outlook-tower, which is made from old cabin lift post. From here is gorgeous view of all Krkonose.

Later on, there is only ride down on sledges, lunch and visit at dog-fancier where you can see special Husky dogs – „Mushering“. Then we will continue on sledges to bus stop in Pec pod Snezkou and back to Janske Lazne.

*) price include : sledge, guide, transport, lunch (from min.5 people)

Adults 1 650,- CZK / person
Kids 1 050,- CZK / person ( without own sledge )

Sledge – Night ride on sledge from Cerna Hora

Fun on the 3,5 km long sledge ride with company of our instruktor.

The trip starts on the top of the Cerna hora and continue on hill-side to Janske Lazne on road called „Bell road“ In old times this road was used as road for special sledge carying wood. Name „Bell road“ comes probably from these old times when sledge had small bells to inform others that sledge is on the road.

*) price include: sledge, cable car ride, night light, instructor (from min.4 people)

Adults 590,- CZK / person
Kids 490,- CZK / person ( without own sledge )

Sightseeing flights

Scenic flights Vrchlabi

//We are very sorry,
But this offer has been canceled unfortunately// 25.8.2017


Scenic flights over the Krkonose from the airport Vrchlabi.

With good weather every day 9:00 to 6:00 p.m..
Refreshments available in the bistro at the airport.
Parking spaces at the airport is free.